Nano Petroleum, Gas and Petro Chemical Industries Conference : November 20 - 21 2011, Cairo, Egypt

Nanotechnology: The Next Frontier

The limits of conventional oil and gas technologies however are quickly being reached. To overcome these limitations and to enable a secured energy future a radically new way of thinking and technology is required. In the words of Wallace E. Pratt, "Oil is found in the minds of men".

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Faced with the need for exploration in ever more challenging remote and offshore sites and the need for improved environmental performance and output from existing wells, the oil and gas industry is in need of revolutionary technological solutions. Nanotechnology offers us this radically new way of thinking about energy. It offers the prospect of opening an entirely new frontier for exploration; the ability to stretch the limits of our current energy sources, and to go beyond these sources into new and uncharted territories.

This conference provides a forum to bring scientists and leading industry executives together to explore the ways that the oil and gas industries can advance through nanotechnology.

Confirmed Speakers

Mohamed Abdel-Mottaleb (SabryCorp Ltd. Cairo, Egypt)    

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